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OH Warby Parker…

I have been cursed blessed with wearing glasses since I was in the 4th grade…I have had some horrendous styles and then some great ones too. I am currently more so a contact wearing girl but I am due for an eye exam and I wanted to try out Warby Parker…haveĀ  you heard of them? If not, you are SERIOUSLY missing out!

In case you are not familiar with this awesomeness, Warby Parker offers a super fabulous collection of glasses at a stunning $95/pair. That includes prescription lenses. They are quite the philanthropic company since for every pair of glasses sold, they provide another pair to someone in need.

I love the fact that they offer designer quality glasses for a fraction of the price - reason being is that they cut out the middle man!

Since everything is online they send you 5 pairs of glasses for FREE to try - they call it, home try on - what an amazing concept.

Once I get them I plan on taking photos and sharing to see what pair works best for me :)

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